March 15, 2009

There is an interesting relationship between a broker and a licensee.  Their perspectives are curiously shaking-hands-by-beneath-b1ue-skiesskewed in different directions, even though their goals appear to be the same.

An agent’s career is all about promoting themselves and being responsible to their clients needs.  Their days are filled with the day-to-day concerns of showing property, holding open houses, writing and negotiating contracts and attending inspections of every kind.  When they aren’t working on specific escrows, sellers or buyers, they are dedicating their efforts towards making sure their name is out there prominently in the public arena.  The one thing that an agent is not concerned about is being certain that their broker is happy and content.

A broker’s concerns couldn’t be more different.  A broker is concerned with the day-to-day issues of legal updates, contract reviews, the solving of their agent’s problems.  A broker’s responsibilities are to their agents.  Education, technology and the most up-to-date information is pivotal in making certain their agents are as equipped as possible to deal with the daily issues they face.  The one thing that a broker is concerned about over everything else is that their agents are happy and content.

So, who is responsible for your success?  Both of you.  An agent is an independent contractor.  This means they are responsible for how intelligently they conduct their business.  Part of the choice they make is selecting a broker who reflects the kind of business model that is most like their own.  The broker then is responsible for giving the agent the kind of atmosphere that can promote the very best in what the agent has to offer.

So, next time an agent grumbles because a broker isn’t giving him/her business, they should think long and hard…who is responsible for their business?  Are they really looking for someone to blame for not doing their best? And the next time a broker is disappointed in the production of an agent, maybe they should think long and hard…is the broker giving the agent the best atmosphere for success?



Photo from Flickr by Beneath blue skies


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