December 11, 2008

Prior to reading this, I want to say unequivocally that LPCA has done some welcome-sign-2good things for our neighborhood. Also, I love Land Park (living here for almost 30 years is a testament to that).  Having said this, there are problems that need resolution.  In my opinion, those problems won’t be resolved until LPCA gets a fresh start.

After years of requesting Land Park Community Association to do a survey to discover if they are truly representing their neighbors, they finally did…and wow…was it telling!  Here are just a few excerpts from the results:

It was asked if you are a member of LPCA, why?

  • 59% want to receive newsletters and e-mails
  • 50% believe that community participation is important
  • 48% believe that LPCA are advocates for issues that members care about
  • 44% believe that LPCA works to enhance commercial projects
  • 27% enjoys the social events

There were some interesting representative comments…and in order to provide a non partisan blog, I will list all of them…so please be patient.

  • Support idea of community organization
  • Slowing down/regulating traffic in Land Park is very important to me
  • I reported the dangers of selling alcohol at the gas station next to Vic’s. To date we have an alcohol-free zone because of the LPCA’s vigilance.
  • Disagree strongly with LPCA advocates for better designed commercial buildings.
  • Clearly we must get involved since the LPCA does not function well and cares only for the members self interest.
  • I want to help the LPCA learn to function as an open/public board.
  • Support the efforts to restore the William Land Park Monument in Land Park! Support the efforts to get better developments in the community!
  • The main reason I joined the association was so that I could have a voice in the issues that affect Land Park. Becoming a member gave me at least voting right. I don’t always agree with LPCA’s approach on certain issues.
  • I want to be active but given the ridiculous behavior and agenda robbery, it is a complete waste of time. The people that have controlled the group for 20 years need to learn to be open to other ideas and other points of view.
  • As for advocacy, I think the Association has become a little TOO resistant to any kind of change. Some view LPCA as NIMBY whiners.
  • The city seems to have given up on neighborhoods, design review, historic preservation, and all other aspect that make a city more diverse and livable. Instead, its focus is primarily on development. We need community organizations that will speak up for the things the city has forgotten.

Conversely, it was asked if you are not a member of LPCA, why?

  • 29% LPCA opposes commercial projects
  • 17% felt there was no clear board direction
  • 14% just don’t have time to participate
  • 12% are not aware of LPCA
  • 9% are just not interested in being a member
  • 6% felt that LPCA will do the work for them without being a member
  • 6% felt that it wasn’t worth the dues.

Representative comments to the “not a member” question above:

  • The LPCA does not represent my concerns. The association seems to involve itself in areas that do not always appear to concern the association.
  • I am joining now.
  • Board needs to actively advocate and get passed a design review designation for this area.
  • You act anti-City College
  • Just moved in!
  • I feel that the members represent a small park of Land Park, not the area I live in “poor Land Park”
  • We’re lucky that Target hasn’t given up and walked away, leaving another blighted corner. Need more balance.
  • On two separate occasions I joined LPCA and paid dues for one year. On both occasions, I never recieved a LPCA newsletter. I assume it was because I do not live in Land Park “proper” but, rather, just south of Sutterville Road. When I called, I was assured I’d get the newsletter, but never did.
  • I don’t like being bullied over and not listened to.
  • Opposition to HOV lanes on Highway 50;opposition to bridge from West Sacramento into Land Park area;opposition to students parking in Land Park; general not-in-my-backyard attitudes enforced and enforceable through wealth and connections of vocal contingent of Land Park residents.
  • Because of the two people who run it.
  • I just learned of the organization and plan to join.
  • LPCA does not represent Land Park. It represents the views of XXXXXXX, XXXXXXX and XXXXXXX(I am editing names here). XXXXX and XXXXXX are hurting our community. They are anti-improvement and development of Land Park.  They want to keep it in it’s current dumpy state.
  • I have attended meetings and found the in-fighting, favoritism, snide comments and dirty looks the board members exhibited to be embarrassing. I would not want to waste my time participating with the group.
  • Other than being busy with life these days, I really have no good reason and hope to get involved soon.

There are many more questions specific to Land Park and I believe you can go to to read the entire survey.


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