October 25, 2008

Some have said that the subject has been under review for a long time.  The first I heard about it was today.  There is a suggestion that the City Council is considering to move the Sacramento Zoo to the site of the old city dump.

Now, on the face of it, my instant reaction was “Oh No!”.  However, objectively considering a move such as this, I can understand the premise.  We have a wonderful small regional zoo.  It use to have elephants, hippos and lots of bears.  But that was decades ago.  The new thought for zoos is more humane treatment of the animals.  Put them in their appropriate surroundings.  Let a few share an area. This wasn’t done when the Sacramento Zoo was established.  We no longer have elephants or hippos.  The giraffes are in a smaller area than I imagine they would like.  I could go on about the small enclosures, but you get the idea.

By moving the Zoo, accomodations could be so much nicer.  Animals could act like they would in the wild.  This just isn’t possible in the limited space our present zoo has.  But maybe there could be some middle ground.  Maybe the larger animals could be in the new zoo.  Smaller animals could remain in the present spot and their enclosures made more spacious.  I would miss the zoo in the park, so this might be a good compromise. It will be interesting to see what happens.


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