October 16, 2008

Many of us who habitually drive by California Middle School have been watching the saga of the dig, then the post and now the plywood leaning against the post. Well, I have the scoop for those who, as myself, were not in the know.

California Middle School’s PTA, much to their credit, have managed to raise a whopping $4500 towards a marquee type sign to go in front of the school. The goal is to share with the community the ongoing events and accomplishments of the school. However, due to limited funds, it was to be a fairly basic sign – a rectangular sign on top of a pipe.

Thanks to the efforts of LPCA, the Land Park Tour and Abraham Construction, the sign is going to be wonderfully in keeping with the history of the school, the flag post next to it and the neighborhood. It is going to be framed in brick. The base and cap are going to be the style of the base of the flag pole. This is a wonderful testament as to what can be done when a community pools their knowledge and funds.

Congrats to California Middle School! In 60 days, they will have a wonderful marquee sign!


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