August 24, 2008

I blogged everyone on Tuesday, letting them know about the next Land Park Community Association meeting on Wednesday night.  It has taken me this long to absorb it and get my thoughts about it in order.

The meetings are always “interesting”, and this one did not disappoint!  The people that are on the executive board are passionate.  Many of them have a world of history and experience regarding the Land Park association.  Many more of them bring a fresh new outlook to the board and all of them are very confident in their opinion on the different issues.  The opportunity with this group is to take advantage of the experience and the fresh ideas.  It has the promise to be the best it has been in years.

Now, if they would just recognize their potential, I think they could be a wonderful organization.  The individuals need to get out of each others way to make the association work as a team.  The old adage of God made us with 2 ears and one mouth for a reason, comes to mind.  They need to truly listen more and speak less. At one point, every one of the approximately 10 board members were talking at the same time.

The other issue they need to deal with is their priorities.  Instead of arguing about who gets the key to the post office box (why not 2 post office boxes), if to extend the time allowed for 2 board members to investigate improvement of Freeport Blvd (they are volunteers, so their time is free…why not give them time?), pointedly trying to put people observing the meeting in a defensive position (accusing a writer of purposely writing a false article) and what the limit and break down of expenditure should be for the Taste of Land Park, they need to address the really important issues facing Land Park.

A bridge across the Sacramento River ending at Broadway, the dilapidated shopping center at Sutterville and Land Park Drive that has lost yet one more tenant, the new Target, disappearing geese and poaching at William Land Park…these are issues worth discussing.  Attendees were there to discuss these issues and were given 10 minutes to share their concerns.  The only responses they got were what had already happened at the city level.

 Let’s all attend the next meeting.  Perhaps if enough of us encourage them to be the best that they can be, we might have a viable and respected association that we can all be proud of.


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