August 1, 2008

The Sacramento Bee just came out with a list of the “good, bad and ugly” ratings of Sacramento from every source you wouldn’t have thought of.  I found it funny and interesting, so thought I would share it with those who didn’t get a chance to see it.  I would love to share just the good, since I am a big Sacramento proponent, but that just wouldn’t be fair.  So, here goes…

2nd most athletic city – Men’s Fitness magazine    
1st American’s most diverse city – Time magazine   
1 of 4 most bluetooth sales in nation – NPD Group 
7th best for animal wellness-Animal Wellness Magazine
8th best to work, live & play – Kiplingers Personal Finance Magazine    
 9th greatest % of sunny days – USA Today            
15th best cities for singles – Forbes                       
19th happiest cities – Men’s Health                       
19th top golf cities – Golf Magazine                       
30th smartest cities – Business Journal  

4th worst city for debt – Menshealth Magazine
5th most foreclosures – TrealtyTrac.com Resource Center
7th worst for auto theft – National Insuranced Crime Bureau
8th worst city for road rage – Prince Market Research
8th worst for ozone levels – American Lung Association
6th worst cities for dating – AOL
10th worst for regrowing hair – Rogaine
50th worst for seasonal allergies – Asthma Allergy Foundation


Okay – so we are best for singles, but worst for dating…great, insecure and diverse people? You can golf, but you had better wear a mask…and we must exercise, because we are so athletic (they didn’t ask me!).  Thank goodness we have our bluetooth, otherwise how would we be able to get furious with the driver next to us?  We might lose our home or identity, but we always take care of our pets.  And through it all, we are happy while we work, live and play in one of the sunniest places in the nation!  Welcome to Sacramento!


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