April 8, 2008

The following are excerpts from the Land Park Community Association newsletter.


According to SACOG, the bridge will create approximately 45,000 daily auto trips on surface streets, taking cars from the Highway 50 Pioneer Bridge. As anticipated, SACOG adopted the plan, but the reference to a Broadway Bridge was struck. Instead, a more generic term–“river crossing”–was inserted in place of “Broadway Bridge”. This is good news and supports our position that transit alternatives and other locations have not been fully studied. Mayor Heather Fargo and Councilmember Lauren Hammond both expressed reservations regarding the Broadway Bridge and the Truxel Bridge (which would go from downtown to Natomas). Both said, despite their reservations, they were voting in favor of the MTP 2035.
Mayor Fargo has consistently supported the Broadway Bridge in the recent past. However, she suggested the term “river crossing” for both the Broadway and Truxel bridges, although she appeared more concerned with the Truxel Bridge. The Mayor said studies have not been done and there has not been enough vetting with the public. She disagreed that the Truxel Bridge should be an alternative to I-5, and stated Truxel Avenue is a residential street, whereas Broadway is a commercial street. She noted the City of Sacramento would have the final say on whether or not these bridges were built.
West Sacrmento’s Mayor Caldabon said a specific project must be identified in the MTP -“Broadway Bridge” – for the City of West Sacramento to collect developer fees from the numerous projects in his city. Despite his explanation, the terminology was changed to the generic term of “river crossing,” giving more flexibility to what might be proposed in the future.
LPCA’s work on this issue remains considerable in the months ahead. LPCA and other neighborhoods associations will continue to work with our Councilmember, Rob Fong, who is leading this effort. With many residents throughout the City of Sacramento concerned about both bridges, they could become issues in the mayoral race.  LPCA will continue to work with Councilmember Fong, councilmembers from both cities, and others to obtain a careful and thorough study with transit alternatives, such as dedicated bus lanes, rapid buses and other bridge locations.


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